Timeguard Wi-Fi Controlled 16A 7 Day Timeswitch

£61.20 (plus vat £73.44)

The Timeguard timeswitch is ideal for the control of lights and your immersion heater. Programme settings are activated via your mobile phone and allows you to control your installation anywhere at any time. Total 16A rated control with confirmation of settings and switching status of the connected appliance via the on-screen app.

App Features

  • Available for Android and iOS only

  • Works with Wi-Fi and 4G.

  • Supports multiple devices and multiple users.

  • Schedule times over a week with up to 6 ON/OFF programmes per day with weekly repeats.

  • 4 programming modes available – Auto Timed, ON, OFF and holiday mode.

  • Optional 1 and 2 hour boost.

  • Automatic summer/winter changeover.

  • Full On/Off status with colour coded display.

Product Code: NTTWIFI

Technical Ratings

  • Operating voltage 230V 50Hz.
  • 16 Resistive rating (3.68kW) Immersion heaters.  1000W Incandescent/Halogen, 500W Fluorescent, 100W LED & CFL lighting.
  • Manual override.
  • Operating temperature 0 – 40°C.
  • Anti-Tamper with optional lockable transparent cover.

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