Timeguard ProgramaStat Frost Thermostat (Surface Mount)

£19.80 (plus vat £23.76)

  • Easily adjustable dial with clearly marked temperature scale.
  • Frost protection against the risk of freezing pipes.
  • Tamper proof cover protects thermostat settings.
  • 5°C to 10°C set temperature range.
  • Temperature swing adjustment (using DIP switches) between 0.5°C and 1°C. PID control.
  • Switch Type: Single pole, single throw (SPST).
  • Surface mount with wall plate included.
  • Connection Type: 3 wire.
  • Switch Rating: 6(2)A.
  • 3 year guarantee

Product Code: TRT031N

Electronic frost thermostat providing automatic temperature control and protection for all central heating applications. Simple to install surface mount design with electronic accuracy to improve system efficiency and help reduce running costs.

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