Timeguard 360° PIR Presence Detector (Surface Mount)

£22.13 + vat ( £26.56)

  • Slimline sensor head design.
  • 360° area of detection with up to an 8m detection range for motion and 4m for presence detection at a 3m mounting height.
  • IP44 weatherproof rating (internal use only).
  • Manualoverride.
  • Adjustable time setting: 3 seconds – 18 minutes.
  • Adjustable1–1000 LUX setting.
  • Total PIR switching – 2000W halogen, 500W fluorescent, 250W LED lighting, 75W fan.

Product Code: SLW360N

Timeguard take PIR Presence Detectors to the next level for optimum coverage and control.