Monsoon Intellisense i7 7 in 1 Bathroom Fan

£90.00 + vat ( £108.00)


Max: 110m3/h at 25dB(A) at 3m

Silent:40m3/h at 17dB(A) at 3m

Ventilation Modes
Continuous Ventilation Modes
1. Fully automatic – three speeds
40 m3/h Basic flow, low/ 60 m3/h Presence mid/95 m3/h Humidity, max

2. When you need extra speed…40 m3/h Basic flow, low/ 60 m3/h Presence, mid/110m3/h Humidity, max

3. Fully automatic – two speeds 40 m3/h Basic flow, low/ 95 m3/h Humidity, max

Intermittent Ventilation Modes
Backdraught shutter option.

4. Auto start humidity/presence sensor 60 m3/h Presence, mid/ 95 m3/h Humidity, max

5. Manual start/stop via switch 95 m3/h Max speed

6. Auto start + Airing function 60 m3/h Presence, mid/ 95 m3/h Humidity, max
If the fan has been inactive more than 24h, it will start and run for 30 min every 12 hours.

Heat Mover Mode

7. Move excess heat to next room Start @ 28°C (95 m3/h). Stop @ 24°C

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The Monsoon IntelliSense i7 is an ultra quiet, ultra modern intelligent bathroom fan that is versatile enough to ventilate bathrooms, toilets and utility areas.

The Intellisense i7 has seven core ventilation modes for performing air extraction in all homes with natural ventilation. It has been designed and approved for installation in wet areas (IP44) such as WCs, bathrooms and utility rooms. It is for mounting on the wall or ceiling. The seventh mode is the heat mover which allows the fan to transfer surplus heat to an adjacent room.

Key Features

  • Powerful 110m3/h
  • Silent Running 17-25dB(A)
  • Auto start humidity/presence sensor
  • Overrun timer
  • Airing function
  • Continuous or intermittent
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 5 Year Warranty