Pyronix Enforcer Kit 2 (ENF/KIT2-UK)

£305.00 + vat ( £366.00)

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x ENF32UK-WE (Control Panel)
  • 2 x KX10DP-WE (Motion Detectors)
  • 1 x MC1MINI-WE (Magnetic Contact)
  • 2 x KEYFOB-WE (Keyfobs)
  • 1 x DIGI-WIFI Modem v2.28

Hikvision Pyronix Enforcer Kit 2 (ENF/KIT2-UK) is a two way wireless Enforcer kit that is compatible with ALL Pyronix Communication Modules. It works in conjunction with the ProControl+ app available on both Android and iOS, and also uses Pyronixcloud which acts as the online administration software for yopur ProControl+ system. Pyronixcloud requires a small yearly subscription.