FuseBox RTAMB20 RCBO (2 Pole) Mini B20A 30mA 6kA Type A

£13.35 (plus vat £16.02)

  • 20A
  • 30mA
  • B curve
  • Type A
  • 6kA
  • 2-pole
  • Mini RCBO
  • BS EN 61009-1
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Designed for use in FuseBox consumer units, this miniature Type A RCBO responds to both AC and pulsating DC residual currents. The RTAMB32 compact RCBO benefits from Double Pole switching making it one of the safest devices to fit. It protects against both over currents due to overload and fault and residual current earth leakage. In either event, the RCBO interrupts electrical supply to the circuit thus preventing damage to the installation and devices and electric shock to humans.


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