Eagle 8MP/4K Full-Colour Fixed Lens AI Deterrance Network Turret Camera (White)

£126.92 + vat ( £152.30)

  • 8MP/4K High Quality Image
  • 24/7 Colourful monitoring
  • Active Deterrence – Timely warning off of intruder with built in speaker & red/blue light
  • Artificial Intelligence function – False alarm rate <2%, target search efficiency improved by 98%
  • AI Coding – 90% lower bit rate than H.264
  • Facial Recognition – Accuracy 98%
  • Illumination Distance – 20m (2.8mm)/30m (3.6mm)/ 40m (6mm)
  • Built in 11 kinds of voice by default, supports customised voice upload
  • False alarm filters
  • Red & Blue light releases a strong warning system, visible in heavy fog and rain.
  • Smart motion detection 2.0
  • Perimeter protection – filters out leaves, light and other disturbing objects
  • Advanced ISP – Dahua ISP 4.0 technology
  • Warm Light – radiance 40% below EU standards
  • IP67 Rated
Product Code: EAGLE8C-IP-AD-TUR-FW


Eagle introduces 8MP Full-Colour AI Deterrence Network Camera. This series of AI products and solutions adopts independant AI chips and deep learning algorithms. It focuses on humans and vehicles with high accuracy which enables users to act with haste on defined targets. Based on advanced technologies, the cameras provide intelligent and simple solutions. With advanced deep learning algorithms, this network camera supports intelligent functions such as perimeter protection & smart motion detection. The full colour technology provides a better image effect in the condition of low luminance.

AI Coding – Based on CBR (Constant Bit Rate), AI coding dynamically allocates bit rate providing clear target images whilst saving more than 90% bit rate compared to H.264. With the same low bit rate, AI coding gives bit rate allocation priority to humans and vehicles effectively improving key target details.

Facial recognition for further identification – Only needs 60*60 pixels for facial recognition, thus providing more accurate comparison results & quicker processing; Up to 95% accuracy of FR, recognition speed <1s. By comparing detected face images with a customised face database users can gain more business value through VIP recognition, blacklist alarm, stranger alarm etc