Ajax Security Wall Switch- Wireless Power Relay with Energy Monitor

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The Ajax wall switch is a smart device that switches off appliances in case of an electric overload, voltage surges, or appliances overheating. It also provides the user with a detailed summary of energy consumption right to their mobile phones. The science behind the functionality of the device is that it controls your electric power supply by means of relay, which can close and open your house’s power supply network.

The Ajax smart wall switch is intelligent in performance and is compatible with a variety of main power supplies. It works in both 110 V and 220 V mains. The meter attached to the relay switch shows the exact power consumption in real time so that you can track your power usage and make changes to allow for an economic and responsible usage of electricity. The device is installed into a recessed wall plate and connected to the internal power supply network. The device also has an IP20 rating.

The device is compatible with all Ajax Hubs, and has a communication range of up to a 1000 meters in open spaces. The time it takes for this smart wall switch to deliver information is under 0.15 seconds. The communications from this wall switch are modulated by Jeweller radio control method, which encrypts all the outgoing and incoming information and also detects the presence of jammers. This is to allow for a safer, reliable, and faster communication between your security components.

The radio channel controller allows to control domestic appliances remotely. It is used to switch on/off irons, garage gates, water heaters and heat-insulated floors.

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