Ajax Security Fire Protect Plus

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  • The device registers smoke, sharp jumps in temperature, and dangerous CO levels
  • Can operate independently from Ajax Hub, notifying of danger by means of a built-in siren
  • Independently tests the smoke chamber and gives prompt notification of the need to dust

AJAX FIRE PROTECT PLUS is a Wireless fire detector for indoors with temperature and carbon oxide sensors that monitor security in the room twenty four hours a day. Through this monitoring the device keeps a linear record of temperatures spaced out at regular intervals. Whenever there are sharp changes in these temperature and Carbon Monoxide records, or gas is detected, the owner is immediately notified of the danger. Our Fire Protect Plus is an upgrade from our Ajax Fire Protect and many other fire detectors available in the market.

The Ajax Fire Protect Plus works by detecting smoke with the help of a built-in camera with a photoelectric sensor. This camera along with the sensor detects slightest quantities of smoke as well in order to catch a potential fire in its early stage. If something catches fire in your property, but there is no smoke registered, or emitted, the device has a temperature sensor which can detect spiking temperatures and alert the owner by ringing the built-in alarm system.


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